Become A Wordsmith – No, Wizard, In Verses of Enchantment

AI-generated poetry in the 18th century in a deck-building environment? Sounds like Verses of Enchantment. Coming to Steam...

Who doesn’t like a good deck-building title? If the answer is no, on your bike – Verses of Enchantment isn’t for you. For those with a penchant for cards, willing to step out of their comfort zone of Hallmark and Uno, read on.

Not the best introduction, but it’s a Monday. Also, perhaps the choice of words undersells this title from Nachtvlam, as it’s all about using your words in this ‘magically-imbued, AI-generated poetry to wax lyrical and duel wizards!’. Quite.

Set in the 18th century, Verses of Enchantment is a fantasy-based deck-builder where you play as an aspiring wizard. You’ll learn from five different schools of magic, collecting spells in the form of cards, but becoming ‘a master in calculated prose’.

Here’s the trailer:

Verses of Enchantment is due later in the year on Steam. By all means, add it to your wishlist for future updates.

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