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Vampire’s Fall Origins Awakens On Consoles This Month

Vampire’s Fall Origins is heading to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this month, so be prepared for some RPG mayhem.

Put aside your garlic for a moment and give these toothy fiends a chance in this turn-based strategy. Perhaps they’ll notice your support and enrol you on the vampire cheerleading squad, I mean that’s what we all want right? To be turned into a vampire? Just me? Moving on…

Vampire’s Fall Origins is a game from Early Morning Studio, an appropriate name, given the title. The origins (ha!) of the game lie within the realm of Steam and mobile and has been well received with positive feedback.

Vampire's Fall Origins - Duel
Duel it out. Source: PR

You play an anti-hero of sorts as you’re awakened following the destruction of your village Vamp’Ire by the Witchmaster; thus, you seek your revenge by writing a series of nasty letters and bloodsucking.

It’s a 2D world which apparently has a lighthearted approach considering the themes. But here’s the real lure: there are well over 50 hours of gameplay that comprises of levelling up, new skills and, of course, better gear.

Vampire’s Fall has come a long way since the first time we came up with the concept. Now 10 years later and three platforms in, we are gearing up for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One launch to welcome console players into the gritty and witty world full of mystery.

Emir Kuljanin from Early Morning Studio

Here’s a sneaky look with the Switch trailer:

If you think console gaming is for losers, you can always pick up the game on Steam and show those controller wielding gamers how to play with W, A, S and D. For anyone else, Vampire’s Fall Origins is out on the 17th September for the Switch and Xbox One.

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