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V Rising Out Now In Steam Early Access?!

The evil has ascended and you and 39 other players can take on monsters, bandits and garlic vendors in V Rising as it heads to Early Access on Steam.

V Rising in Early Access NOW
Source: Steam

R-Patz has nothing on Kiefer and crew in The Lost Boys when it comes to movies, and likewise, there’s not that much that holds up to Fury of DraculaLegacy of Kain, or perhaps… Fright Night when it comes to vampires. That is until we talk about V Rising.

I’ve been watching V Rising for a while now but was never sure when it would see the light of day. That would kill it dead, amirite? “ha”. Anyhoo, the bottom line is Stunlock Studio’s game is… ambitious. In a very good way.

First of all, it’s an open-world vampire survival game. That in itself is wicked, but instead of being either a solo or multiplayer experience, it’s both. For solo adventurers like me, you’ll get to explore the world of Vardoran without being paired up with some undesirables. Like people? How about 40 players all at once taking on mythical monsters and brutish bandits?

A lot is going on, featuring real-time PvE and PvP, and perhaps why V Rising is currently in Early Access on Steam. As Johan Ives, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios, says:

With a lot of blood, sweat and tears (but mostly blood), we have created the foundations for a truly unique vampire gameplay experience. This Early Access campaign will allow us to fine-tune V Rising and take the final steps in creating a genre-defining gem.

Heed your call and watch the video, too:

V Rising is out now in Early Access – like right now! Go check it out using the link below, or search for it yourself if you don’t like convenience.

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