The Sun Goes Down With V Rising. No, That Doesn’t Work…

Look busy: the vampires are coming! With a proposed beta on the tail end of 2021, V Rising wants to suck your blood (in a mock Hammer Films tone).

Move aside zombies and make way for this resurgence of vampiresV Rising is another vampire title I have my beady little mortal eyes on – a game from Stunlock Studios, launching as a beta in late 2021.

In an open-world vampire survival game, you play as a vampire on the hunt for blood instead of staying in the sun and eating loads of Boursin. Either play alone in your raids, or invite a friend, or even go up against them with both PvE and PvP combat.

V Rising - Vampire raider
Vampire raider. Source: Steam

Each toothy anti-hero has their own castle to protect from bandits and other players, but aside from that, you need to pillage, conquer and remember to wear your factor 5000 in the sun. That’s the reality of V Rising

Here’s the latest trailer:

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