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Uragun, You’re A Player. Gameplay Trailer Revealed


Coming to Early Access this year, with the full release in 2021, Uragun is a top-down shooter from Kool2Play and has launched a gameplay trailer.

rogue-lite action title, it has you taking over a mech that has to wipe out a range of AI machines that once served humanity, but since turned against their creators.


Uragun - Crosshair
Crosshair. Source: PR

Aiming for Early Access on Steam this year, Kool2Play will be aiming to have the game ready for 2021.

Uragun is, above all, the freedom to choose your arsenal and skills and having fun with what we can achieve from their creative combination. In the new video, we wanted to show that it is up to the player how he will defuse the situation. Quick, instinctive decisions are absolutely key.
Mariusz Leśniewski, Creative Director

Here’s that Uragun gameplay trailer:

Pick up the game on Early Access now, or wishlist for the 2021 release.

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