Unwording Walkthrough

Ok, so it doesn't take long to complete, but if you got stuck, here's an Unwording walkthrough.

Really? Do you need an Unwording walkthrough? It’ll take only a couple of hours… well, I got stuck a couple of times, so I thought you might need it. Have fun.

Day One

Follow the tutorial, scroll through the puzzle to say give up, then wake up. Look at the phone, then select ‘no one cares’. Leave the apartment. Inspect the cool car and select ‘I am poor’. Look at the note on the restaurant and select ‘I am alone’. Next, walk right and take the bus to work.

Go to the pair talking and select ‘talking about me’. Next, walk left, start work and choose ‘procrastinate’. Now leave to the left and go to your apartment. Walk right to get a package, then walk left and go to sleep.

Day Two

Upon waking, go back to bed and rotate the blocks so you have two different words, ‘clean’ and ‘up’. The screen will go red when you’re close. Interact with the sheets and take them to the washing machine. Go to your phone and interact with it, then leave the apartment.

Outside, go to the car and rearrange the words so they say, ‘I don’t need one’. If you’re struggling, ensure the words line up neatly in a row. Choose ‘Invite a colleague’ at the restaurant, and return to the bus and work.

Walk behind the co-workers whispering and choose ‘Planning a party’ (choose the big A at the forefront of the puzzle). Now go to your desk and select ‘Just start’. Now leave.

Back at your apartment, use the tea machine to make… tea. Check the fridge, then interact with the radio above your phone. After the cutscene, go back to bed.

Day Three

After the cutscene, press ‘E’ to bring up the dialogue window and type save. Go to work and either interact with a colleague and type invite or ignore it for the solo achievement. Go to your colleagues and talk. Walk to outside and look in the garden. Talk to your colleague if you like, then ‘Take the sandwich, then sit on the seat. Leave and then go to your chair. Sit, then work. Look to your right and use the phone, look at your plant, or open the files. Choose exit at the end of the day and type exit, head to the exit and type leave.

Outside, walk up to the dog and pet, go to the baby and dance. Go to the cafe and open. Go to the snacks and ‘buy’ this, plus some coffee. Sit at the table, then leave at the door. Go to the music store open the door and play the blue piano for Old Hobbies achievement, leave, and then open your apartment.

Open your fridge, use your chair, take the radio (on the shelf above the phone), make tea, unlock the locked drawer on your desk, ‘use‘ the bath, and finally, sit in the chair for the end credits.

Don’t forget to check out the Resources from the Unwording main menu!

Achievements List

Old hobbies – play the piano in the music store (day three)

Meal for one – buy a snack and coffee in the cafe and sit down (day three)

The fun uncle – dance for the baby (day three)

You can pet the dog – pet the dog (day three)

Freedom – unmissable – complete day three.

Gratitude – unlock the drawer in the apartment on day three.

Self-care – take a bath on day three.

Flow – work at your desk (day three and in the workplace)

Meal for two – go to any colleague sitting down and invite them (day three).

Life in Technicolor – unmissable.

Keep going – unmissable.

A different perspective – unmissable.