Unusual Findings Walkthrough For Ending B

Working your way through an elusive Ending B, or yet to finish a playthrough? Here's an Unusual Findings walkthrough specifically for the second ending.

This Unusual Findings walkthrough is for those starting afresh or specifically looking for ending B. Follow this guide, and you’ll unlock ending B. To get the others, you need to follow this pattern:

You need to complete this three times for 100% without any manual saves! It’s been one of the hardest and longest, walkthroughs I’ve done. There’s no time to write separate walkthroughs for the other two endings, but am working on a 100% achievement list with how to unlock everything.

Of course, if you stumbled here by accident looking for an Unusual Findings review or need to know where to get it on PC

Unusual Findings Walkthrough Ending B

Act One

Open the window, look through and talk to Nick. Ask Nick to open the treehouse window and call him a chicken for the Chicken achievement. Look in the windowbox and ‘pick it up’ to get a key. Go back into the bedroom and use the key to the wardrobe. Pick up your Roboto Battlestation, plus the bike pegs to the bottom right of the screen and combine them in your inventory. Head outside and use this on the zipwire.

Unusual Findings Walkthrough - Zippy
Zippy. Source: Screen capture

At Tony’s house, say that ponies are lame for the Pony Hater achievement, then once out in the woods, interact with the tree on the left, cross the stream and keep heading left until you reach the wolves. Choose to run for the Running Man achievement. Now at the map screen, head to the Ranger’s Station. Talk to Ranger Jack and ask about the tall man when he talks of his plot ideas. Talk to Troy, then go to the Bridge.

Talk to Carl on the left of the screen, then go to Andre on the left and pick the blue cable, then ask Carl for the wrench, but don’t give it back to him (tee hee!). Instead, head to The Bull’s caravan and take three items out of the trashcan. Go inside and ask to play the game. In said game, select the following doors:

  • IV
  • IV
  • III
  • I – for the I Am Error achievement

At Earl’s Farm, talk to Earl, then look in his truck to obtain some fertilizer, leave and head to Lover’s Lane. Look at the couple in the bush, walk to the left, take the oil, and then go back to the woods and use the oil on the valve by the stream. Go to Nick’s street, walk to the right, and talk to the bum to get a club card. Next, Tony’s street. Take the red lightbulb from the trash on the step. Talk to the neighbour for hints on the Maze Quest game. Walk left and go into Tony’s bedroom. Take the Geiger counter and the Top Cruise cartridge. Finally, head back to Vinny’s treehouse, and look in the loot box to get the camera. Exit the treehouse, walk to the right, pick up the sodium carbonate, and mix it with the fertilizer. 

At Lover’s Lane, use the bulb in the sign light, then use the Polaroid on the kissing couple. Go to the shopping district and into the comic book store. Hand over the ‘Boobs’ membership card, then use the cartridge on the console. ‘Talk’ to the cartridge while in the console, which will blow it (remember that technique?!). Take the book from the trading box. Go outside and walk to the right. Talk to the Blues Brother, then punch him twice to get a brochure. Go back to Nick’s and use the Geiger counter on the bushes to get the red sphere, go to his house to show his sister the Polaroid, and then give the brochure to his younger brother. 

Unusual Findings Walkthrough - Lovers
“Lovers”. Source: Screen capture

Return to the Ranger’s station, take the bear trap, and combine with the Jumpy Joe. Back to the bridge and hand Andre the no. 5 wrench found in Bull’s trashcan and tell him the wrong colour. Report him to Carl, then go back to the firey mess and use the scout book on the cables. Go back to Tony’s house and hand the neighbour the cable to get the password for Maze Quest. Back to The Bull’s caravan and use the mixture (smelling salts) on the unconscious man, then play the game again, using the neighbour’s code. Afterwards, tell The Bull that the man has woken up. At Earl’s farm, use the scout book on the hammock. Next, head to the woods as per The Bull’s conversation and use the net on the hole, along with the bear trap. Next, use the red sphere on the hole. 

Act Two

In the facility, when referring to Rocko, make sure you say ‘act like a man’ for the Live in Rocko III THIRD BLOOD achievement. Walk right and into the hallway. Open the cupboard, take the sprayer, use the spanner on the duct and go through. In the lab, take the research notes and place the sprayer in the space in the machine. Use the calcium lever, the sulfur three times, then the mixer, and when complete, take the sprayer. Exit the lab and use the sprayer on the fire. Talk to the woman behind the door, then return to the vending machine at the entrance. Use the cable on the electrical socket and the vending machine to get sugar. For dialogue options, select ‘Stop acting as if you know everything’. Back to the machine and put your sprayer inside, selecting the following: silicon and sulfur, then mix, finally combining your sugar with it. 

Go to the security desk and use the sprayer on the wooden cabinet to get the ID. Use it on the card reader to release the scientist and say, ‘Take the elevator, I’ll try to hold them off’ for the Commando achievement. Once on the lift, wall to the right and go to the world map, then the Detention cells. Use the ID on the locker to get a small key. Talk to the prisoner. Back to the world map and then the computer room. Take the blue cable into the botany lab and take the oven glove. Use the small key on the cabinet and take one of the tubes. Go to the construction site, and to the top of the screen is a cliff. Grab it, head through and take the matches, return to the construction area and use the glove on the mixer for rubber gloves. 

Unusual Findings Walkthrough - Distance
Keep your distance. Source: Screen capture

Make your way to the server toom and use the matches on the oil to create an explosion. When inside, take the sesame oil bottle, the mop stick on the left, and then switch off the big thing (server). At the world map, go to the computer room and talk to the computer, exhausting the options. Use the glove on the plug twice to reset the computer. Talk to it and get it to validate the departure. Pick ‘ you should try to just.. say the first thing that comes to mind’ for the Ladies Man achievement. 

Go to the geology lab and walk to the right. Interact with the soldier and get them to surrender. When they move, click ‘Now!’ to obliterate them indirectly. Steal the flask, then take the air freshener. Look at the whiteboard and note the code. Go to the conference room and use the intercom, entering ‘424’. Say you will surrender after hearing your demands, then select something to eat. Return to the whiteboard in the geology lab and use the wrench on the duct to the right of the blue splatter, and enter. Inside the kitchen, talk to the chef and quote ‘IDKFA’ as per the conference room, and ask them to cook scrambled eggs, then take the spatula they drop. Use it with the mop in your inventory. Grab the copper spoon and open the door closest to you to go to the lunch room. Use the mop with the hand on the ceiling, and take the salt off the table. Return to the geology lab and place the salt on the blue liquid floating pyramid opposite the whiteboard, then take it.

Now go back to the bio lab and use the air freshener on the duct to put the creature to sleep. Open the door and select ‘Don’t be a wuss’ for The Giant Blue Eyed Cockroaches achievement. Go inside and take some alien shit – hh-mmm! Off to the botany lab, then nuke the hand in the microwave. Return to the detention cells and use the hand on the scanner to release the prisoner. Return to the botany lab and use your alien shit (lemon seeds, apparently), sesame oil and substance F in the Erlenmeyer flask, then take the large lemon. Combine the lemon, pyramid, spoon and cable to form a battery, then return to the train station. Put the battery in the engine, then use the key on the control panel and talk to Linda.

Unusual Findings Walkthrough - This solution is key
This solution is key. Source: Screen capture

Once the train is moving, ask Linda about making the train faster, then use the spatula on the lights above you, then ‘talk to the enemy train’. Exhaust all dialogue with Nick, repeating the conversation for aiming until you get frustrated, then punch him(!). Ask Linda to slow down, use the gun on the train tracks, and choose Team Mystery Stalkers for the same achievement.

Act Three

Before leaving the area, walk left, look inside the cab to get a flashlight, go to the world map and head to Samantha Silverman’s street. Take the hose from the trashcan, go up the stairs and use the flashlight on Sarah’s window. Go inside and note the Darkestville Castle reference amongst the plush toys… then take a bun. Make a note of the scissors, leave for New Frontiers, walk to the left and search the trash to get a fryer basket. Next, go to Principal Smith’s street. Walk past the principal and pick up the doormat to get a key. Use it on the window to go inside, use the fryer basket on the fish, and then take the C64 off the desk. At the junkyard, grab the wrench, walk right and take the oil can, remove the metal sheet, and then go to the River Coast.

Talk to the hobo, then ‘defeat’ the crocodile by shining the flashlight. Next, go to the secret exit on the world map, walk left and give the wolf the fish. Take the green rod, go to the town square and talk to the boy. Use the rod on the well, then speak to the Superlemonkola girls and get Tony to head into the back of the van. When prompted what to say, don’t do anything and wait for the girl to talk, dropping a kola can in the process, and this will unlock the First Kiss achievement. Go to the river coast again and into the sewers to obtain the arcade tokens. 

Unusual Findings Review - Roxanne
Roxanne. Source: Screen capture

Go to the shopping district and enter the arcade. Use the allen wrench on the door to the far right and talk to the tech guy inside, then use the kola on the circuit board and pick up the soldering iron. Look at the crane game at the bottom left of the screen. Make a note about hitting the one outside. Go back into the arcade and challenge the trio to Street Puncher, using the below as a guide. Wait for them to pick their character first, then match up the number (left to right, i.e. no. 1 is the TMNT wannabee, 10 is Dr Ed from Maniac Mansion):

  • 1 beats 2
  • 2 beats 4
  • 3 beats 7
  • 4 beats 3
  • 5 beats 6
  • 6 beats 1
  • 7 beats 9
  • 8 beats 10
  • 9 beats 8
  • 10 beats 5

This will get you the We Are The Champions achievement. After this, give the tickets to the clerk to get the wirecutters, then head outside to the crane game. Interact with the machine outside the arcade and click on the left side, then press the button to pick up a bear with credits. Walk to the far right and use the small hose, then the oil can with the car with the open cap. Return to the Junkyard and use the cutters on the wire mesh to get the solder. Combine it with the soldering iron.

Return to Samantha’s and use the bear on the scissors. Leave, then go to the video store where you siphoned the fuel. Talk to the clerk and get Nick to rent a movie. Show your security ID, then when he leaves, use the diskette in the computer to get the dictionary files, then go to the abandoned factory. Talk to Furio, then when you start a fight, talk to him and say his mohawk is falling down. When he’s on his knees, ‘grab’ him to knock him out for the Bloodsport achievement. Walk off to the right and talk with the Lost Guys. Exhaust the dialogue, then give the lipstick to Rainbow Ray. Talk to the gang again and ask what they do, encouraging Ray to kiss Spike and knock him out. Take the floppy drive, then return to the hideout at the truck trailer.

Unusual Findings Walkthrough - FIGHT
F-I-G-H-T! Source: Screen capture

Use the fuel on the generator and turn it on. Combine the C64 with RALF, the floppy drive and diskette, and the soldering kit directly onto RALF, then chat.

Ending B

In the facility, walk right, push the mine cart, and use the spanner on the duct. Go through and open the next duct, go through and then the next to the surveillance room. The prisoner, Castillo, will be in the room – talk to him and use the blue joystick twice, press the red button, and then press the joystick twice more so that The Bull is on the right. Exit and talk to the vent to get The Bull to drop you the crowbar. Pick it up, then onto the next duct on the right. Note the code on the machine ‘314’. Return to Castillo’s room and enter it on the computer. Go back to the crystal room and then exit right. Use the rubber glove on the dead prisoner to get a corkscrew. 

Return to the facility hallway, through the entrance and use the crowbar on the crates to get some corn seeds. Make sure to pick them up. Return to the hallway, use the spanner on the machine in the bottom left, and take the oil. Next, use the corkscrew in the barrel, then take Substance F once the scientist goes. Return to the crystal room, open the duct and drop the oil, Substance F, and the corn seeds into Substance X, get The Little Shop of Horrors achievement, then enjoy your ending and subsequent epilogues.

As mentioned, a complete achievements list will follow in a separate link once I work out the sequence to unlock the endings!