Unusual Findings Achievements 100% Completion

Unusual Findings 100% completion list with all three endings!

Without a doubt, Unusual Findings has been one of the most challenging walkthroughs yet. About 5.5 playthroughs and I’ve managed 100% completion with all achievements, but it wasn’t easy. The hardest part was working out the correct dialogue responses, as they affected the outcome at the end.

There are three endings: A, B, and C. B was my first playthrough, and this was recorded in the Unusual Findings walkthrough. But perhaps you’re missing some achievements like Bloodsport? The following is the Unusual Findings 100% achievements list and how to obtain each one. You must complete the game three times to unlock all endings, and there are no manual saves.

After the achievements list is a summary of endings A and C and alternate options in some scenes as they change. No, there won’t be any additional walkthroughs, just cross-reference from the walkthrough and the alternative options. This has taken waaaaay more time than anticipated!

Unusual Findings 100% Completion - My little friend
Say hello to my little friend. Source: Screen capture

Unusual Findings 100% Completion

Achievements List

  • Chicken? – Call Nick a chicken before leaving for the treehouse.
  • Pony hater – Tell Tony that ponies are lame when in his bedroom.
  • Running man – Choose to run from the wolves in the woods.
  • I am error – Find the correct path in Maze Quest.
  • Live in Rocko III THIRD BLOOD – Say, ‘Act like a man’ when in the facility.
  • No time for nerd talk – Stop acting as if you know everything
  • Commando – Say, ‘Take the elevator’ when invaded by the soldiers at the facility.
  • Ladies man – When at the computer, say, ‘You should try to just…’.
  • The Giant Blue Eyed Cockroaches – At the Hell mite say ‘Don’t be a wuss…’.
  • Team Mystery Stalkers – Select the same option when getting rid of the train pursuers.
  • First kiss – Inside the Superlemonkola van, don’t say anything to the girl. She’ll check in with you about four times before telling you a story.
  • We Are The Champions – Win Super Puncher in the arcade.
  • Bloodsport – Beat up Furio in the abandoned facility. First, tell him his mohawk is falling, then grab him when he’s on his knees.
  • Honey badger – Let’s scare them by being aggressive when encountering the wolves.
  • Pony rider – If you say so… response in Tony’s bedroom after the credits.
  • Silent fall – Don’t worry, if I break a leg… dialogue at the treehouse.
  • Against the odds – Say, ‘Yeah, you are a smart guy…’ after getting the coffee from the vending machine in the New Frontiers facility.
  • Really bad hand – Use the Choz Puffs on the Hell mite. Select, ‘Believe me, I don’t like the idea either…’
  • It’s over Johnny… I mean Nick – Say, ‘You are not Rocko…’ at the start of New Frontiers.
  • Look who’s talking – After getting the computer to validate your departure, say ‘I don’t act stupid when I talk to Samantha…’
  • One man army – after shooting the train tracks and defeating the enemy, say, ‘Technically I did it’.
  • Horror movie cliche – Say, ‘Let’s scatter’ when the aliens arrive, and you need to escape with Linda.
Unusual Findings 100% Completion - Kissy kissy
Kissy, kissy. Source: Screen capture

Story-based and unmissable

  • Close encounter of the fourth kind
  • The Terminator
  • Short Circuit
  • The Abyss
  • Runaway Train


  • War Games – Ending A
  • The Little Shop of Horrors – Ending B
  • First Blood – Ending C

Ending A

The following list features the responses you need to choose to reach ending A. They should be obvious as you’re prompted for one of two options, and they aren’t dialogue trees activated by the player.

  1. Speak to Dad from the start: I’m sorry, it was an accident…
  2. Asking Nick to open the treehouse window: Don’t worry man…
  3. At Tony’s house: If you say so…
  4. In the woods: Let’s scare them by acting aggressive…
  5. At the facility, say: You are not Rocko…
  6. By the coffee machine, say: Yeah, you are a smart guy…
  7. When the soldiers arrive: Take the elevator…
  8. At the Hell mite: ‘Believe me, I don’t like the idea either…’
  9. At the computer: You should try to just…
  10. On the train: Team Mystery Stalkers.

Ending A Walkthrough

Pick up the grenade, walk up the ladder twice to the second floor, search the dead soldier to get a wallet, and look inside when in your inventory. Walk around to the back of the first floor by going left and pushing the crane. Go up one flight, walk around the side and take the flask. Return to the ground floor, use the keycard, and get the computer inside. Go back to the crane (taking the right side), and push it twice to reveal a broken window. Go in.

Use the cash on the Superlemonkola machine, then hit it to get a can. Take the ladder to the roof, plug in the computer, blow on the parallel port, use the computer again, grab the rope, pour the kola on the rusty duct, and use your wrench. Throw in the grenade. When inside, search the scientist to get a key. Go out the front and return to the broken window by the crane. Use the key on the first aid box. Mix your chemicals again to get smelling salts, then use the rope on the scientist, and then the salts to wake them up. Talk to them, then use the cutters on him. Back to the roof and use the computer

Unusual Findings 100% Completion - Retro
Retro. Source: Screen capture

Ending B

See the walkthrough.

Ending C

Choose the first option for all dialogue. i.e.:

  1. I regret nothing!
  2. Run!
  3. Probably, he would stop complaining…
  4. Stop acting as if you know everything…
  5. Take the elevator…
  6. At the Hell mite: Don’t be a wuss…
  7. At the computer: I don’t act stupid…
  8. Well… Technically I did it.

Ending C Walkthrough

Use the end cutters on the hose. Keep walking left until you get to the big locker. Open it and take the chainsaw. Exit left and use the control panel on the digger. Open the gas tank and add the hose, then the chainsaw to fill it. 

Walk left into the laundry room, use the chainsaw on the dead soldier, then return to the digger and switch it on again via the control panel. Warm the hand on the steam to the machine’s right, exit right and use the hand on the door panel for the ending.

Alternate Options

Sometimes the events change in Unusual Findings. You’ll either find the answer in the walkthrough or listed below. I’ve attempted to cover them all, but do get in touch if anything has been missed.


You’ll need the nail clippers found at the Ranger Station, then use them on the blue cable hanging on the van. In Ending B, you use the scout book of knots to untie the cable mess Andre has made.

The Ranger Brochure

In alternative playthroughs, you don’t hit the Blues Brother outside the bar in the shopping district to get a brochure. Instead, speak with the New Frontiers guard and tell him about the creature.

Choz Puffs/Hell Mite

Picking up the Choz Puffs won’t be eaten this time around. You need to give them to the Hell mite three times to get two alien eggs (not sure if they have any use?!) and the alien shit.

Unusual Findings Review - The happening
The Happening. Source: Screen capture

RALF Assists

In the Geo Lab, you can open the locker and take the scarf. Take it back to RALF to smell the scent. They’ll then go and kill the soldier in the Geo Lab.

In the conference room (press 424 on the intercom), ask about the Striders and mention ‘The Military’ to get a grenade. Go into the Server Room and use the grenade on the soldier. They’ll spit on it, so take it back to RALF to smell, then hunt once more.

Alternative Way To Get Into The Abandoned Facility

Talk to the boy in the town square, and he’ll tell you about Monkey Kong and bonus lives. Speak with the chap in the arcade and say, ‘Did you know…’ and mention the bonus lives. He’ll give you the password, so go back to the Abandoned Facility and tell Furio, ‘Jon Bobby sucks’. 

No Street Puncher Option?

Play the ball game next to the Skull dude in the arcade. Use your coins in the machine to find out it doesn’t work. Go to Sarah’s and try the buns; put them in your inventory. Head back to the arcade and use the sufganiyah on the machine. Give the tickets to the clerk.

Unable To Enter The Superlemonkola Van?

Talk to the principal outside his home, then when you go inside (deets in the walkthrough), read the ‘more papers’ on the end of the desk by talking to it. Go back outside and tell them he should date her again because of their love of horror movies. Take the beer to the river coast, use it in the river, then travel to the town square and trade the dirty can for the Superlemonkola. As before, go to the arcade and pour it on the circuit board.

Right, I’m about done with this game now!

Unusual Findings 100% Completion - Done
Done. Source: Screen capture