Unturned Teaches Players Survival Skills In Another Zombie Apocalypse

Heading to PS4 and Xbox One next month, Unturned - a zombie survival game where you need to forge alliances.

The zombie apocalypse is nigh! Unturned has foretold this and helps ready the troops in this zombie survival sandbox from Smartly Dressed Games with FunLabs and 505 Games.

Coming to the PS4 and Xbox One next month, players will have to survive an onslaught of zombie-infested ruins in modern-society, forging allegiances with fellow survivors, crafting, attacking and defending.

Crafting plays an integral part as you source woods and metal, as well as the necessary food to replenish your rations. Equally, you’ll need to don the correct hazmat protective clothing for the dead zones which are in abundance.

Unturned - Buried
Bury the hatchet. Source: PR

With this console launch is a redesigned camera system, enhanced physics and graphics, plus specific controller support. Play online or locally in split-screen too!

Key Features of Unturned include:

  • Massive maps – explore up to 8 sandbox maps by traveling by land, air, and sea  
  • Craft – create your equipment and structures from supplies you collect
  • Power up – upgrade skills in three categories: Offense, Defense, Support
  • Customise – avatars can be fully cosmetically personalized  
  • Multiplayer – brave zombies and other foes alone or team up with friends
  • Split Screen – play locally with a friend in split-screen mode
  • Compete or ally – attempt to form alliances with other players or take out all the competition  

Want to see it in action? This is the original trailer from a few years back:

Unturned is out on the PS4 and Xbox One on the 12th of November, priced at £19.99GBP/€24.99EUR/$24.99USD.

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