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Unto The End Encourages Combat Improvisation

Unto The End is a handcrafted platform game devised by two developers with the support of publisher Big Sugar Games (of Valfaris fame)

Just agreeing on what to watch on Netflix is an arduous side-quest with my ‘significant other’, so how husband and wife team 2 Ton Studios were able to put together this baby (not a real baby, I know how that works – I’m on about the game), is a feat in itself.

Drawing on experiences from the developer’s travels, this platform game focuses on survival through exploration, and removes all sorts of clutter such as a HUD.

Unto The End - Fall
Fall. Source: Big Sugar Games

Unto the End comes across as a very organic game in that combat evolves through improvisation using an array of sword fighting techniques.

But the goal of the game is to escape and make it home.

Key features of Unto the End include:

  • Read-React Combat: One of a kind combat system focused on skill and mastery, designed and built from the ground up specifically for 2D. Fight intelligently and strike tactically with your sword and range weapons in fierce one-on-one and group battles
  • Handcrafted Encounters: The adventure unfolds through carefully crafted encounters, each featuring intelligent, worthy opponents, all with their own motivations and place in the world
  • Player-Skill Focused: A challenging single-player experience with minimal handholding. All the father’s abilities are available from the outset and mastery of those skills, as well as keen observation of your surroundings, are key to survival and success
  • Unforgiving Terrain: From cavernous underground ruins to harsh mountain peaks, overcome environmental challenges and deadly traps as you travel through a world of meticulously crafted landscapes

And here is the handcrafted title in all it’s glory, a.k.a. a trailer:

You can trial Unto the End during the Steam Game Festival, but the finished works should be with us for both PC and consoles, notably on Game Pass from day one.

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