Untitled Goose Game Release Date Confirmed For PS4

Woot! Untitled Goose Game gets a release date of 17th December 2019 on the PS4. What are you waiting for? Honk it up.

Honk if you like Untitled Goose Game! Honk if you’ve been playing this on the PS4! Wait a minute… everyone’s been playing this apart from us PlayStation users? This is one for the players, surely? Finally, Untitled Goose Game release date for the PS4 has been confirmed for 17th December 2019.

It hasn’t been the longest of waits, but considering PC, Mac and Switch gamers got first dibs, it was only a matter of time until this gem of a title made the transition over to the PS4 and also Xbox One. But I don’t care about the latter.

Since its debut, Untitled Goose Game has won over so many hearts. Crazy to think, considering that the developers, House House, are only four people. These same four people dominated the Nintendo eShop charts, and rightly so.

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Goose takes hold of the boys glasses in Untitled Goose Game
Yeah, fool – I got yo’ glasses

Having had a snoop around, there doesn’t appear to be any extras in the port and the UK price is listed as £19.99 – a little more than the £14.99 I paid on the eShop, which is usually pricer. I suppose those of us who already have Untitled Goose Game won’t feel cheated if the new games have more features, but at the same time, it might not warrant a purchase if you already have it.

Still holding out for some DLC…

I snapped up Untitled Goose Game on the Nintendo Switch, and unless the game dramatically changes and you end up playing a duck, you can read my review for a better idea.

In summary, this is a no-brainer: if you don’t already own it, buy it. If you fancy having it on another system, be my guest, but there doesn’t appear to be any new content just yet.

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Untitled Goose Game will be out on PS4 17th December 2019.