Unscripted: Tales Of A Screenwriter And Their Relationships Coming In 2023

Undergrad Studios (College Kings 2) next game will be the tale of a screenwriter in Hollywood. Unscripted coming to Steam Early Access...

I might start getting a reputation for being a little vulgar on the interwebs, but who cares? This website is all Unscripted, isn’t it? Aha! Unscripted is the name of the title we’ll explore today, folks.

From the same team behind College Kings 2Undergrad Studios will be unleashing a slightly different story: a screen-written one. That’s bad English, but their upcoming game follows the adventures of a screenwriter in Hollywood and their… unscripted… shenanigans in the industry, as well as their relationships.

You’ll be able to explore both romantic or platonic relationships, whether male or female – as it says here: ‘there’s something for everyone, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community’. Unscripted uses the same state-of-the-art cinematics in visual novel form, as seen in College Kings 2.

Once again, the game will be episodic, but no single playthrough will be the same as the last. Check out the teaser trailer:


Unscripted will initially be an Early Access title. For more info, check out the Steam store page.