Unrailed! A Limited Supply Locomotive On The Switch

Reviewed on this very site for Steam and currently available digitally on the Switch, Unrailed! gets a limited edition release for the latter via Super Rare Games.

Unrailed! is out today, in a matter of hours, and get’s an exclusive physical release on the Nintendo Switch from Super Rare Games. With a limited supply, you better get moving before this horse bolts. Bugger, I should have said train.

I’ll soon be eating my words when it comes to the physical vs digital debate. As a vintage gamer, I’ve always been about physical collections but fairly recently decided to go digital. 

My PS5 was purposely a Digital Edition purchase, but I find I’m constantly deleting games and can’t directly download to a third party drive. With the PS3 store finally closing, I’m looking at my 500+ collection of Switch titles that are spread over various SD cards and wondering how long it’ll all last.

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Maybe it’s time to go back to physical after all. First step: Unrailed! on the Nintendo Switch. And yes, this is an obvious news piece based on the physical release, but making it very relevant as it’s so much nicer to have a flow of spines on your shelves. And no, sickos, the game cases.

Unrailed! - Lava
Feeling hot, hot, hot. Source: PR

Unrailed! is the definition of multi-tasking and delegating, in an often fun but hectic way. Your job is to ensure a locomotive reaches its destination by laying down the tracks for it to travel on Easy peasy! Wrong.

Besides sourcing all the materials to actually build the tracks, you have the ‘joy’ of putting out fires when the train inevitably overheats. Then you have bandits coming along to snatch your stuff and cause all around chaos. It sounds like hell, it is, but it’s also a blast with the right people (unlike my experiences with ‘the kid’).

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Unrailed! Switch Physical Edition

So let’s make this quick: Super Rare Games have the exclusive and launching a Switch physical version of Unrailed!. It’s naturally a Limited Edition, so only 4000 copies available. At the time of writing, it launches in 6 hours, so if you’re a fan of Daedalic’s game, or yet to experience it… here’s the nudge.

Not an affiliate link or nutin’ like that – just passing on the good news while these hotcakes are still hot and available. Unrailed! can be played solo, but it’s sooooo much better as a co-op.

The Super Rare Games edition has the following features:

  • Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • Interior art
  • Full-colour manual
  • Exclusive sticker
  • 3 card trading card pack

To find out more and queue up for the launch, hop on over to their site.

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