Unrailed! release date
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Out next month, Unrailed! A local/online multiplayer title where you have to guide a train through safety; building tracks and ensuring optimum operation.

From Indoor Astronaut and Daedalic Entertainment, this was initially released as an Early Access game, but has since expanded to consoles too – it has to, this looks like a lot of fun!

A co-op through and through, Unrailed! has up to four players and can be played as a solo campaign, co-op with a friend or multiplayer mayhem to get your train to the safety of the next station. 

Unrailed! - Lava
Feeling hot, hot, hot. Source: PR

Challenges include sourcing the materials for building new tracks, preventing the train from overheating and keeping the wildlife at bay. All of this can be done solo or in a team versus team environment.

Unrailed! features include:

  • New Wagons: The mine wagon, break wagon, collector wagon and slot machine wagon can help you collect resources or save you from sticky situations.
  • Single Player Mode: A single-player mode with bots to replace your friends – You can order them around and they are going to cooperate without complaining!
  • Sandbox Mode: A sandbox mode in which you can upgrade your train right from the start with all the features you have already unlocked.
  • New Character Models.

Check out the trailer for Unrailed! below:

Out on the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and your imagination from the 23rd of September. With the launch, a new biome with additional wagons will be available set on Mars!

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