This Unholy Teaser Trailer Is Unho- Yeah, Alright…

Just announced for 2023, Unholy is a first-person psychological horror from Duality Games and HOOK, coming to PC and next-gen.

Erm…. no. Unholy looks a little too scary for me at the moment. Horror films? Sure, why not? A first-person psychological horror that’s coming to PC and consoles in 2023 might require a few more trailers before getting the courage to try it.

Just announced by HOOK (Kingdom of the Dead and Madshot) and Duality Games, players will have to explore a twisted world to uncover the disappearance of a young child, featuring innovative combat mechanics and problem-solving in a post-Soviet town.

What the flip can we expect from Unholy?

  • Two parallel worlds to explore. The grey and cold reality of a brutalist post-soviet Eastern European town and the creepy and twisted world of Unholy, a grotesque society ruled by a relentless priest caste.
  • An intense psychological horror experience driven by a deep, dark narrative storyline played out with captivating visuals based on the works of reputed dark artist Tomasz Strzałkowski (Duality Games Art director and founder).
  • A unique gameplay blend that combines meticulous exploration, intriguing puzzle solving, infiltration and stealth with innovative shooting dynamics.
  • An innovative combat system. Use four different emotions: anger, fear, sadness and desire to interact with the environment (destroy obstacles, trigger mechanisms, overload circuits, illuminate your way) or to confuse, lure or damage your opponents.
  • Masks! Everybody in the unholy world hides behind a mask and it can be the difference between life or death. Build your own mask to get new skills and improve your abilities or wear other masks to infiltrate, confuse your enemies and impersonate your opponents.

Here’s that teaser trailer that’s given me the collywobbles:

Unholy is coming to Steam, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2023, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wish your life away, etch it into your notebook or add it to your Steam wishlist…