Undertale Switch Review: A Story That’s Been Overtold

Undertale is on the Switch and ‘apparently’ no one has to die. Choice is yours and a generations.

I am a bit fed up with Undertale and how everyone raves about it. I want to like it but it irritates me that I hate it and in that I hate it, I actually like it. So much so, I’m determined to finish it.

Undertale - Dancing on the ice

Don’t judge Undertale by its cover

Late to the party, but that’s how I roll, Undertale is a new game to me. Created by Toby Fox, I first saw it on the PS4. My first impressions were “Those graphics are shite”. Don’t judge a book by its cover – this game is very good and has a lot of substance.

Undertale is like the usual Zelda-like RPG. However, it’s not. It’s actually quite different as the game plays tricks on you from the outset. I’m a repeat offender for skipping text if it gets too wordy but Undertale had me invested. Besides, I felt that I was always being tested and the game would report back to the creator to notify him that I’m a nob. Least, that doesn’t happen. Does it Toby?

He said, she said. Charming dialogue

So, as I said, Undertale plays tricks on you and very good at it. I almost always play the goody in games – choosing dialogue to appease people and unlock more rewards in a game. Undertale subtly encourages you to spare the monsters you fight and leave them be. I say subtly.

It probably isn’t subtle as I would have initially skipped something important about sparing an enemy when their name appears in yellow. Instead, I just try killing them. It feels like you can overpower some of these but came unstuck when against the boss-like characters, not having enough health to survive etc.

Undertale - Screw it
Power words

The charm with the game though is the dialogue throughout. From the story to the options during the battles such as flirting or petting a character can win or lose a battle. Undertale is turn-based but the action is real-time. In these battle skits, you control your character’s heart and use it as a cursor of sorts to dodge projectiles. This is a real fun element and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. Ever ever.

Too much TV

Undertale is new to me but in reality, this game is ancient. Much like when video games were invented, this released in 2015 AD. A time when gravity was a concept and people ate hats. In those times, games were in a ratio of 4:3 which is a square type shape on your telly.

As a lot of humans own a widescreen telly, instead of re-develop the game for this aspect ratio, there is an option to fill the black bits at the side with some pretty graphics and I like this. That’s what this whole paragraph was about: the graphics on the side. I also like the music. The music is good.

Undertale - Flirting with Papyrus
When Tinder became a text-based adventure from the land of retro

Playtime is quite short, apparently, but I’ve been playing it for a few weeks. Mostly because I have a role to play in society and when I have me-time, usually playing Dark Souls Remastered. I do aim to finish this one though so I can say I finished it. Though Deltarune came out and that sure is prettier.

Is Undertale any good? Sure, it’s good. You’ve prolly got it already and finished it. If you haven’t, get it. It’s cheap and fun to play. Just make sure you choose a good name for your character as it means everything. I called mine Vulgar in preparation for a future review of the game for my site, but Vulgar isn’t a proper name.

What name did you give your character? Put in the comments below. I don’t opt for comments on this site – so instead, tell the next person you see the name of your character. Don’t explain anything, just say the name. Write their reaction in the comments below.