Underground Garage Is Above Board…?

Coming in late 2021, Underground Garage: a mechanic simulator where you also get to race the those you tune.

Underground Garage is as common as saying underwater fish, but watching the trailer insinuates that this garage may be implemented in some questionable practices: neon and nitro.

‘A bit like the Need For Speed series’ might be your first impression, but to me, it’s got Drift21 all over it, and I’m a fan of that game with its level of detail. Besides, the teaser begins with a shot of a variation of my own car. Ish.

Underground Garage is currently in development, and if it weren’t for my investigative journalistic skills (shyeah, right), I’d never have found that the game involved street races too. The developer’s previous work was Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator and a quick look give the impression of a mechanic simulator with test drives only. I only briefly looked.

Underground Garage - Supra
That’s just Supra. Source: Steam

Here Bearded Brothers have infused the mechanic side as the bulk of it, but you can also test the cars in free ride mode and in street races. This isn’t a simple neon-modded shell of a game; it’s going to feature over 30 vehicles with over 6000 interactive parts.

Your task will be to repair, tune and test the race cars so they can take part in illegal races. Ummm, I’m telling… As the write-up says: ‘Loud exhausts, neon lights, speed – you can find all of that in the Underground Garage’.

Other features include:

  • non-linear storylines – cooperation with corrupt police officers, car theft, spying on the competition, these are just some of the available missions
  • a lot of parts, both standard and tuning ones that affect the car’s performance – every part in 3d to see from every side – the ability to disassemble the car and examine every nook and cranny, including the interior
  • illegal night races – both on city streets and on local roads – ¼ mile races and sprints
  • junkyard – find abandoned cars, parts, entire engines, put it together, cut costs 🙂
  • workshop development – you start in an abandoned hangar on the outskirts of an airport, clean it up, and extend the space to repair vehicles

Here’s the teaser:

When can you get your hands on Underground Garage? Q4 2021. Ah. Well, at least add it to your wishlist for then!

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