Under The Island Is Where You’ll End Up If You Aren’t Too Careful!

Just announced for PC (maybe for other platforms?), Under The Island - an adventure RPG with a 90s Saturday morning cartoon spin.

Top Hat Studios, Inc. (Alisa – Director’s Cut) has announced their partnership with Slime King Games – a new studio from former Daedalic Entertainment devs – and their first title will be Under The Island.

Led by Simone Grünewald and Johannes Grünewald – acclaimed artists/animators responsible for the Deponia series, among many other accolades; their debut will be this adventure RPG inspired by 90s Saturday morning cartoons.

As Nia, you move to distant Seashell Island and befriend the reserved teenager Avocado. The unlikely pair stumble upon a secret that the island is sinking into the ocean, and now it’s time to battle monsters and solve puzzles—saving your new home in the process.

Key features in Under The Island include:

  • Embark on a thrilling adventure through a vibrant island world, filled with at least 6 different diverse biomes that change according to the day/night cycle and weather.
  • Meet fascinating characters just waiting to get to know you with their own stories to tell!
  • Or get foiled by and bicker with Avocado, that’s fine too…
  • Traverse treacherous dungeons and caves, ranging from sentient greenhouses, to frigid ice caverns, to crazy saw mills, gathering unique items and artifacts to become stronger and unlock new abilities.
  • Fight weird enemies like eggplants that can’t stop throwing up on the floor, and wolves that somehow dig underground. And walking onions that would love nothing more than to whack you with their stalks… discover new ways to fight them, and new strategies with the artifacts, loot, and upgrades you discover around the island!

There’s no trailer for Under The Island yet, so here’s another piccy.

Under The Island - Sand gets EVERYWHERE
Sand gets EVERYWHERE. Source: Steam

Under The Island’s release date has yet to be announced, but you can now add the game to your wishlist via the Steam store page.