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Under Leaves out now for the Switch
Source: Nintendo


Under Leaves Out Now – Nintendo Says Relax

Take a break with this relaxing hidden object game where you travel the world seeking animals: Under Leaves, out now.

Not everyone wants to rage in a fast-paced shooter, so it’s good to see a focus on relaxation in Under Leaves, out now on the Nintendo Switch. It also has cute lil’ animals in it.

From Red Deer Games, who released Art Sqool and Comic Colouring Book (a fun title!), you travel the world looking for hidden objects. The beauty of the gameplay means it’ll appeal to adults, as well as kids.

As the press material states for Under Leaves:

…will be the perfect substitute for travel – as the game shows you different parts of the world, through frosty tundras, autumn forests, and exotic jungles, you can go and explore nature from different places from your console! 

With hand-painted backgrounds and no text to bombard you, this game sells itself right now, and it’s something I’m eager to explore. In the meantime, here’s a trailer (it’s out now, by the way):

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