ULTROS Might Just Have All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Truly a good use of the word psychedelic, ULTROS is an in-development Metroidvania set for release next year on PC and the PlayStation.

When press material says ‘psychedelic’, that usually means there are more than three colours, and it’s a bit ‘trippy’. ULTROS does NOT fit that bill and is, in fact, psychedelic, as the material describes. Put on your Grateful Dead album, as it’s going to get interesting…

From Hadoque, this Metroidvania takes place in The Sarcophagus – a place full of ‘brutal and bloodthirsty lifeforms’ and exotic flora. Expect a lot of deaths, but due to The Sarcophagus’ strange powers, players adhere to a time loop that lets them repeat again and again.

Featuring artwork from El Huervo (Hotline Miami), this is gonna be an assault of the senses – and not just your eyeballs, but from a decent soundtrack, too. Here’s a trailer:

ULTROS is coming to PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), plus an exclusive console edition for the PlayStation – the PS5 and PS4. It’s set for a release in 2024, so when news comes in, expect an update.