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What a bold statement, but that’s from Dana White, not me. I haven’t even played it as it isn’t out yet.

However, EA Sports UFC 3 was a highlight, as you’ve no doubt read, or about queue up a read my review. Yes, it’s plagued with poor ground fighting, but it’s a great stop-gap for the next Fight Night. Am I right?

Finally, changes have been made, and EA now has Israel Adesanya and Jorge Masvidal as the cover athletes, rather than this being a Conor Mcgregor wankfest once more.

EA Sports UFC 4 is the best fighting game ever made - Groundwork
Improved groundwork? Source: PlayStation

For the record, I think Connor is a fantastic striker and upped the UFC to a broader audience, but there are so many decent people hidden in the roster, and one person shouldn’t carry the brand.

Now, there’s talk of Bruce Lee in the game once more, but that’s a novelty, as he’s been available for previous releases. The highlight here is the introduction of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Finally, EA Sports UFC 4 brings us the fight we’ve been waiting for.

Note that these two are for pre-order only.

Aside from the above, there’s also the ‘All New Backyard and Kumite’ customisation packs, but the biggest deal here is the overhaul of the ground mechanics.

I side with the crowd on this one as the groundwork was a pig. I’d rather go back to Ultimate Fighting Championship on the Dreamcast than previous iterations. Great game by the way.

Core features include:

  • New career mode
  • 4 new fighting environments
    • The Kumite
    • The Backyard
    • UFC Apex
    • Action Avenue
  • New ‘Blitz Battles’
  • Online World Championships
  • Performance details on 5 different MMA styles
  • 1600 pieces of gear to win
  • 120 emotes *sigh*
  • the big one…a new submission system

While there will never be ‘the best XXXXX game ever made’ for any genre, as it’s all opinion, if EA can get to grips (ha!) with the clinches and groundwork, then EA Sports UFC 4 could be a contender as one of the best fighting games.

Do you want I believe to be the best fighting game ever made? IK+ on the Amiga 500.

Here are some fisticuffs:

EA Sports UFC 4 releases on the 14th of August on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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