Tunche A Peruvian Folkore Infused Brawler

A Peruvian folklore brawler currently in development, Tunche is one of the finest looking beat 'em ups currently on the horizon.

With the hype building for the imminent release of Streets of Rage 4, my Sauron gaze peered over to another upcoming beat ’em up in development called Tunche.

You may have already seen the Tunche: Arena demo on Steam, but just in case you’re not familiar with it, here’s the skinny.

Tunche is a Kickstarter from LEAP Game Studios and published by HypeTrain Digital.

Featuring some of the best visuals and animation of its kind since CupheadTunche packs a literal punch when it comes to gameplay; having received favourable reviews on the above-mentioned Steam page.

Tunche - 420
Source: Steam

A bit of exposition: the game stems from Peruvian folklore that features a tale of ancient magical arts and shaman witchcraft, going up against some epic bosses.

Set in the mysterious Amazonian jungle, Tunche features the following:

  • Choose from 4 unique characters, each with their own fighting style and skills to unlock.
  • Use a vast arsenal of fighting moves and magical arts to defeat your enemies.
  • Go on an adventure through the beautiful hand-drawn world.
  • Play solo or co-op with your friends.
  • Face epic bosses and show them what you’ve got!
  • 4 procedurally generated worlds that make every playthrough unique.

The above, courtesy of Hypetrain Digital.

As you can see from the list above, this brawler features a few modern mechanics such as rogue-like elements and procedurally generated maps.

With the added four-player co-op option, Tranche is one to watch.

For further updates, bookmark the official site. If you’re a Steam user, you can, of course, add Tunche to your wishlist for future notifications.