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Trash Talk: Trash Sailors Gets A Release Date

Time to get your hands dirty and feet wet, the Trash Sailors release date has been confirmed, and it’s next month.

Trash Sailors - Bird
Getting the bird. Source: Screen capture

Finally, Trash Sailors has a release date, and it’s next month! Granted, it hasn’t been that much of a wait, but after playing the demo a couple of times around, it’s time to sail that sea of filth.

Beautifully illustrated, this hand-drawn adventure follows a band of trash sailors to upgrade and repair their make-do ship from the floating debris. This is the only good thing about Attenborough’s warning of the crap that reaches the ocean. Don’t get any ideas; the game is make-believe.

Besides MacGyver-like skills, the sailors also have to fend off dirty pirates intent on sinking them, plus a plethora of Davey Jones’ pin-up monsters keen to sink their trash. Play with yourself (heh) or with up to four players co-op.

Key features in Trash Sailors include:

  • Online and local 4-player coop
  • Hand-drawn Trash Piracy
  • Dozens of seas for treasure hunting and monster feeding!
  • Uncivilized battles for the last piece of trash.
  • Literally an ocean of trash to sail on with your friends!

Here’s a not-so-old tinyBuild trailer:

Trash Sailors is out on the 16th of December for Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG for $19.99/€19.99 – your £GBP are not welcome here. There are plans to launch for PS4/5, Xboxeseseses and the Switch in 2022.

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