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Trackmaster Is The Casual Racer With Unexpected Twists

Procedurally generated race tracks? Yes, please. Trackmaster is out not on Steam, featuring some wild and wacking racing.

Trackmaster out now
Source: PR

Racing games are great, huh? Whether they have the complexity of WRC 9, or the beauty of Art of Rally, there’s always a demand for a casual experience – you know, where you don’t have to call it the next day. Trackmaster might fill that void for Steam players.

From indie dev/pub Master Technologies, this online multiplayer boasts procedurally generated tracks – perfect for when trying to outsmart those players that grind the best lines again and again. This time, it’s fair game.

There are four vehicles to choose from, each with a unique perk, and you can adjust the length and difficulty of each track, bearing in mind that no one race will ever be the same.

Trackmaster - Sidewinder
What a sidewinder looks like. Source: PR

Also, there are dynamic weather conditions, power-ups to wipe your opponent out, or if you’re old school, you can merely knock them off the course, forcing a classic rage quit/rhetoric.

Key features in Trackmaster include:

  • Procedurally Generated Tracks
  • Online Multiplayer Racing
  • Dynamic Weather & Water Simulation
  • Large Number Of Track Parts
  • Customizable Vehicles
  • Varying Difficulty Levels

Check it out:

Trackmaster is out now on Steam. Buy it, wishlist or look at the words and pictures over on Steam.

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