Tower of Time Re-Inventing Real-Time Strategy Combat

Coming to consoles this month is RPG Tower of Time, which already boasts a 9/10 score on Steam.

With a score of 9/10 on Steam, it was only a matter of time until Tower of Time made its way to consoles.

Event Horizon, with the support of Digerati on publishing duties, has managed to squeeze this epic 50+ hour adventure on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One.

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Tower of Time is an RPG full of dungeon crawling, character development and with the USP of being able to slow or pause time during a scrap.

Tower of Time - Stats
Look at the stats on that! Source: PR

Based on the trailer alone, it’s giving off a scent of Diablo 3, Torchlight II and Ember, so, if you like this sort of game, you’ll be in familiar territory.

That’s all very well, Mr Knight, but how about Tower of Time features:

  • 7 distinct classes, a complex skill system, rich equipment and alignment systems, crafting, enchanting and more
  • Divide the battlefield with walls of stone, manipulate gravity, unleash torrents of flame, and more with myriad spells
  • 150 different enemies and 50 bosses, each with unique skills and tactics
  • Hand-crafted levels, unique Combat Challenges, multiple modifiers and five difficulty levels
  • Gamepad friendly control scheme implemented for console players

Though there’s a 50+ hour duration attached, I’d say it’s more likely 70+ hours based on the above. Of course, you could speed run, but that’s your prerogative.

Grab a copy of Tower of Time on the PS4 (launches 23/24 June – NA/EU), Switch (25 June) and Xbox One (26 June).

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