Totally Reliable Delivery Service Has Three More Clumsy Stops

Not content with delivering on consoles, Totally Reliable Delivery Service comes to Steam on the 1st of April - with an overhaul too!

To mention April Fool’s Day and use a delivery-type pun in the title would be beneath me, so I refrain from confirming that Totally Reliable Delivery Service will be delivered on time, on the 1st of April, and it ain’t no joke.

See? Above it.

From tinyBuild and We’re Five Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a game where you play the delivery service people as they deliver goods in the most elaborate ways.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Freefall
And I’m free, free fallin’

To deem the game chaotic would be an understatement, and when I originally reviewed it on the Nintendo Switch, I tended to shy away from the missions and just did stupid stuff with my kids. 

With the PC version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service coming to Steam, there’s new content, gameplay mechanics, and the visuals have been updated. It’s only a trailer, so you can’t judge everything that way, but it’s clear that the presentation hasn’t just been updated with a Snapchat feature – it looks nice!

New features in Totally Reliable Delivery Service include:

  • Globally improved graphics
  • New competitive arena mode
  • New NPC’s and zone unlock system
  • Upgraded animations on the characters
  • Revamped UI
  • And more!

Here’s the new trailer:

It came out around the same time as Team17’s Moving Out, so if you’re into removals, check that out too. Already available on consoles, you can pick up the game on Steam from April Fool’s Day (no further jokes).