Total Arcade Racing in Steam Early Access
Source: PR

My first impressions of Total Arcade Racing was Super Cars, back on the Amiga, then a little Super Sprint, so it was rewarding to see in the promo material that the game was influenced by these excellent titles.

If you missed out on these games the first time (do let me know if there’s an option to play Super Cars without paying £500 for a used Amiga 500!), then this 2D racer could be a good alternative.

Total Arcade Racing - Derby
Derby time! Source: PR

From CasualGamesTotal Arcade Racing is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, but for now, it’s in Steam Early Access and a title you need to discover. Well, you have – you’re reading this.

Key features in the game include:

  • 5 cars with different performance and handling (more will be included in the final version)
  • 5 Courses (more will be included in the final version)
  • 5 game modes (Arcade Race, Time trial, Endless race, Demolition derby and Survivor)
  • Local multiplayer with support for 8 players. Max 4 on a single keyboard
  • Global Leaderboard support
  • Local ghost car replay of best time

Simplicity is key in this sort of game, so as long if the controls handle as good as the titles it pays homage to, I can see myself binging on this arcade racer in a very short space of time.

Check out the trailer below which shows off some gameplay, including the Destruction Derby-like play:

Out now on Steam Early Access and, go check out Total Arcade Racing now.

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