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Torn Away Game Likely To Tear At Your Heart Strings

Torn Away is an upcoming survival game set during World War II, told through the perspective of a child.

Every now and then I find a game that’s not on the PR circuit and either something I’ve seen in a tweet, or a glimpse of an image in the murky depths of the internet.

Today’s share is the Torn Away game by Perelesoq.

Torn Away - Family
Family. Source: Perelesoq

I’m not suggesting you’ve never heard of the title as they have their fair share of followers, but I was particularly impressed with the theme, and the visuals.

Immediately the artwork strikes me as gorgeous. In the screenshots, the scenes look like a digital painting. It would have been nice to see this in action, but as the Torn Away game is currently in development, there’s no trailer yet, but there’s a teaser further down the page.

Now we’ve got appearances briefly out of the way, it’s the story that drew me in. You play as a young girl during World War II who has been separated from her parents.

As if war isn’t harrowing enough, you have to hide from hungry dogs, scavenge for food and climb in spaces only a child can access for any chances of staying alive.

It’s no surprise that the team at Perelesoq are made up of some talented individuals with enviable accolades. 

Anyway, they haven’t asked me to write this, so in fear of it sounding like a fanzine site, all I’ll say is that I’m looking forward to how Torn Away turns out.

More information to follow as the game develops, but don’t rely on me – sign up for their newsletter on the link to their site a few paragraphs up. I’m not typing it again.

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