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To Leave Release Date For The Nintendo Switch

Compared to a number of powerful indie titles, the To Leave release date for the
Switch and the Xbox might be sooner than you think.

To Leave
Source: RedDeer Games

Following the first write-up, a To Leave release date has been announced for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox this Friday. Make a note.

Compared to Child of LightGRISLimboSpiritfarer and Omori, this game by Freaky Creations and RedDeer Games tells the tale of Harm, a boy struggling with bipolar and enters the dark void with his magical door, to combat it head-on.

Key features in To Leave include:

  • Hand-drawn backgrounds
  • Emotional, captivating story
  • Unique travel mechanics
  • 80 levels
  • Incredible music track

In addition to the release date, a new trailer was announced as well:

To Leave hits the Switch and Xbox on the 9th of September.

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