Tinykin Is Gonna Be Big In 2022

In a distant future, Milo returns to Earth, the size of a penny and with an army of tinykins to erm... save the day? Tinykin coming in 2022 to PC and consoles.

Tinykin is an upcoming puzzle/platformer that’ll be gracing the screens on both the PC and consoles in 2022, as confirmed by tinyBuild and developers Splash Team.

Set in the year 2748, your character, Milo, has re-discovered Earth. The problem is he’s as small as a penny, there’s nobody about, and it’s the 1990s. All perfectly explainable.

Tinykin - Not Pikmin
Not Pikmin. Source: tinyBuild

In Tinykin you will get to explore a giant house as a tiny astronaut, encountering a plethora of household insects living in the couch, bath, and operating a casino under the bed.

Among his many skills, Milo can jump, hover, skate and grind, but his ultimate power is controlling his little space minions, the tinykin. They’ll help him build bridges, carry large objects, activate machinery and… explode.

This is all sounding like a press release. It is! Check out the Tinykin video below:

Tinykin is coming to the PC, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and Xboxeseses in 2022.