Time To Morp – Can Cute And Colony Really Go Together?

Make a name for yourself in your first role working with Morps in sandbox game, Time to Morp - out now on Steam.

Befriend unique, mischievous Morps in the newly launched Time to Morp – a cute colony sandbox sim from Team Halfbeard and Yogscast Games (Trolley Problem, Inc.) on Steam.

In the game, players can build and fully automate their base using all sorts of decorations and technology, allowing free-flowing creativity using terraforming tools for all kinds of customisation wonders.

In Time to Morp, you’re an intern on their very first mission on an unknown planet. This is your time to prove yourself to your peers, discover uncharted lands, uncover rare resources and buddy up with all new species of Morp.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Time to Morp is available now on Steam with a two week 20% launch discount, returning to its base price of $19.99 / £16.75 / €19.50 following this period.