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Time To Binge On The Cycle Season 3. It’s Free, Don’t You Know

The Cycle Season 3 is out not on the Epic Store, and there’s plenty of updates for a more social experience, removing some menus for a streamlined approach.

While I was hoping for another Lonely Mountains Downhill type bike riding experience, The Cycle looks like a barrel of fun, and I feel pretty uninformed that I haven’t played this yet.

Why uninformed? Aside from thinking it was a cycling game, this news is about Season 3, which is free to play from the Epic Store.

The Cycle Season 3 - Watch out
Watch out! Source: PR

A ‘competitive quest shooter’, The Cycle Season 3, from Yager, introduces an all-new social hub titled the Prospect Station where we’re free to mingle with other players, cherry-pick missions and craft items – to name a few activities.

I’m just wondering how to fit in the time to play all these games… While I ponder that, here are some features for you:

  • A total revamp of the crafting system, scrapping the old artificial resource system and streamlining it with a single soft currency for all items and mods, making it easier to manage your resources and craft what you want when you want it.
  • New starter shotgun and assault rifle, designed to help newcomers flesh out their arsenal.
  • New features for The Cycle’s competitive scene, including support for esports tournaments and the introduction of skill-based matchmaking.
  • Two new playable Prospectors: Primetime, a streamer with a flashy LCD outfit, and Ronin, a sci-fi samurai.
  • Recall Recharge: A new mechanic which allows you to recharge your recall battery, essentially letting you gain a life back if you lose it.
  • A new context-sensitive ping system for contracts, making it easier to communicate and coordinate with your squad.

The Cycle delivers a competitive multiplayer experience where everyone can survive, but how you stake your claim can make all the difference. Form squads with friends, make uneasy alliances with strangers, or go it alone — the choice is yours!

You know, this The Cycle Season 3 trailer looks pretty good – like the good ol’ days of Halo and Destiny got busy and produced a free-to-play title.

The Cycle Season 3 is out now.

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