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They Breathe Spawns From The Depths Of The eShop This Month

They Breathe is… wait for it – a horror title for the Switch, only the protagonist is a frog and there’s zero dialogue.

Never before have I associated frogs with horror, but that’s exactly what this title is about. A little gorefest or is it a horror in the tragic sense? At least you can share the experience with a friend.

They Breathe, originally by The Working Parts, is a remastered title that has been rebuilt from the ground up with the enhance local co-op option, ported and published by Bulbware for the Nintendo Switch.

They Breathe - Cow
Holy cow! Source: PR

A bizarre but fascinating concept, the player has just 30 minutes to figure out the game and survive the ‘onslaught of unexpected creatures and ultimately comprehend their true nature’.

As an advocate for great storytelling (read the recent review for Distraint 2), I genuinely respect a game that is narrative-driven, but always open to the avant-garde and ambiguous. In They Breathe, there’s no dialogue whatsoever and makes the title even more compelling.

Core features include:

  • An increasingly surreal aquatic journey of disturbing sights and horrible discoveries
  • Designed to minimize hand-holding, the game leaves you to your own devices and experiences
  • Gorgeous hand-animated HD art-style inspired by Swedish folk and children’s tales
  • A mysterious story where the game’s environments, rules and mechanics are the only clues
  • Extensive “Making of” feature and online gallery

Here’s some sink or swim action to help you pencil in the release date this month:

They Breathe is out on the Nintendo Switch on the 29th July, and if I’m able to, will compose a review as soon as.

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