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They Are Here coming this summer
Source: Steam


They Are Here – The Proof That Mulder Was Looking For

A Poltergeist reference? They Are Here is in fact an alien encounter coming to Steam. Or is it?

Back in the late 90s, there was a wave of alien-inspired content, notably from the likes of The X-FilesIndependence Day and that invasion we don’t like to talk about. They Are Here takes place a few years later as we take a look at some unexplained phenomena.

Recalling the underappreciated movie Fire In The SkyThey Are Here from Deklazon, kick starts when the Sherman family witness some bright lights in the sky. Far from a fluke, this happens five nights in a row with the lights shifting at different speeds and directions.

They Are Here - Bigfoot after a shave
Bigfoot, clean shaven. Source: Steam

Not only were the lights unusual, but the animals on the farm went nuts, and the farmer, Peter Sherman, saw a strange figure that didn’t look anything like a man (not a woman). This is the catalyst for journalist Taylor Fox to make an appearance and grab a photo for the local newspaper.

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It’s all a bit hush hush, but here are the They Are Here features thus far:

  • Explore. Light the path with a torch. Look into dark barns and cruise the night fields.
  • Take pictures. Photograph the evidence of alien presence and paranormal activity.
  • Study. Find the records of the Sherman family and learn the horrifying truth.

An if you believe, here’s a teaser trailer:

We have some months to wait, as the proposed release date for Steam is August 2021. That shouldn’t stop you putting on your wishlist, and who knows – perhaps they’ll be a demo between then?

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