There’s Poop In My Soup PC Review: Insert Poo Related Joke

If you find poo jokes repulsive, give There's Poop In My Soup a miss. If you're a big kid and disgusting, you might find it funny.

Just think about that title for a second and consider whether you want to continue reading this review. There’s nothing hidden in the title, There’s Poop In My Soup gameplay is as close to the candid title.

Why on Earth am I even covering this? Well, it’s January, there are sales, and I bought a shi- sorry, poop load of games for peanuts and this was one of them. In England, we still use pound sterling until we start swapping possessions post-Brexit, and this cost 39p.

So, whether this game, from K Bros, is a big pile of poop or not, 39p didn’t make me fill my pants and ask the bank manager for an increase in my overdraft (don’t have one, don’t use ’em kids). Good news everyone: it’s as fun as one can expect. If you like poo jokes.

There’s Poop In My Soup PC Review

The game’s goal is to poo on passers-by and hitting the to-poo list by building up your score multipliers to unlock the next round. It’s ridonkulous, and I know it, but after having some quality time with my oldest daughter and corrupting her by letting her play sections of Cyberpunk 2077 with her playing it like GTA (mildly disturbing), we gave it a go.

There's Poop In My Soup - Le Poo
Le poo. Source: Screen capture

Before long we finished it but had a lot of fun. She reeled me back in now and then to highlight that I was laughing at someone shooting poo from their bumface onto a mother, then into a pram. Alternatively, it was pinching a loaf on the head of a stereotype Frenchman carrying a baguette, then watching them run into a post knocking themselves out.

My sense of humour runs from witty and satirical to dick and fart jokes, and I don’t care how juvenile this is, as we had a lot of fun playing it. Still, t’s essentially a mini-game. Your dirty protester strafes left and right on a rooftop, and you have a spotlight of sorts to confirm where the poo will land.

Pressing the spacebar will fire poop from their mouth, from a limited supply, and you casually pick off targets from your list, increasing your poo capacity and the potential for higher scores. When you’re close to ticking off all the items, you have access to a bomb, where pressing the F key will unleash hell.

Talking Crap

These ‘special’ moves will trigger a bouncing ball, bum fireworks and a steady flow of rusty water. If you’re still reading this and pulling faces thinking it’s disgusting, it is. But if you’re going to get to the bottom (haha!) of this review and be judgemental, why are you entertaining this in the first place? 

There's Poop In My Soup - Score
They shoot, they score. Source: Screen capture

There’s Poop In My Soup really is scraping the barrel, but it doesn’t propose to be anything else other than some silly toilet humour, but being enjoyable in the process. As she’s in our social bubble, I’ll be showcasing this to my mother for some feedback. I know what she’ll say, but she’ll see why I find it funny.

I’m going to skip a score on this as I did with one of my GOTY 2020 titles, Teenage Blob. If you haven’t played that yet, read the review, then go get it. Alternatively, go straight to the Steam page. I’m not on commission, but it’s such a feel-good title. Moving on…

A Bum Note

If I were to give this a score, someone (maybe even two people) would compare it to another title that I’ve rated with the same score and whinge about it. As a small minority of gamers can’t put scores into context, let’s say that if you find poo funny, don’t mind spending 39p nor expect to be clocking in hours and hours of gameplay, give poo a chance and try out There’s Poop In My Soup. It’s not as shit as it sounds.