Good News – A New Souls-like Is on The Way: The Bearer and the Last Flame

Defeat the creatures of the night and demons who plague the five kingdoms in new Souls-like The Bearer of the Last Flame.

Do we need another Souls-like such as The Bearer and the Last Flame? Of course, we do. There’s always room for one more. Just as long as there’s a decent balance of customisation that doesn’t require an hour’s investment to select their hairstyle.

Published by Meridiem Games and developed by Dark Reaper Studio, this dark fantasy follows a lonesome hero who must carry the last flame and ‘light the lands of the night, the dark lands’.

In The Bearer and the Last Flame, you’ll face up to the darkness of five kingdoms and banish the creatures and demons that have plagued the lands. Expect to die. A lot. Check out the trailer:

The Bearer and the Last Flame is coming to the PlayStation and Steam. For more deets on the PC version, check out the store page below.