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The Way Of Wrath Might Be The Only Way

Coming to a PC near year, The Way of Wrath is an RPG where you have just 10 days to thwart an imminent invasion. During the Bronze Age.

The Way of Wrath
Source: Steam

The Bronze Age has nothing to do with the popularity of Love Island or Jersey Shore before it, but the era in which The Way of Wrath is set – a survival-focused RPG from Animmal and Hooded Horse.

Tail firmly between legs, your character returns home after suffering a defeat in war, but there’s no time for tears: the enemy is approaching, and an invasion is imminent. It’s your job to rebuild a derelict fort, protect your people, survive, then you can cry about the earlier battle.

There are only ten days until the invasion, so you have to make allies, haul in resources, but more importantly, dedicate at least one day to character creation. Yes, you can create custom characters in The Way of Wrath. Oh, and choices matter. Yay!

Key The Way of Wrath features include:

  • Choose from one of five distinct origins that change how others in the world see and treat you. Explore each origin in depth through your dreams, and learn more about yourself as time goes on.
  • Use a freeform progression system to become who you need to be in order to succeed. Classless skill progression keeps your options open as the situation evolves, allowing you to adapt and overcome the challenges you face in a variety of ways.
  • Take control of your tribe beyond yourself — choose where to gather resources, determine which risks are worth taking, and prepare for the inevitable assault.
  • Tackle disputes amongst your allies, make rulings, and enact laws, but be wary of the precedents you set. The tribe will act according to your laws, often leading to unforeseen consequences. Should you choose to break precedent to protect your closest friends, the tribe may take notice of your corruption.
  • Your deeds and misdeeds will determine your reputation amongst your people. This will, in turn, impact how people treat you and what options are available to you. A Warchief known as “The Truthful” will be easily trusted, while being known as “The Terrible” gives you power over the weak-willed.

Here’s a trailer:

The Way of Wrath will be released on Steam and GOG next year. Add to your wishlist for future updates.

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