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The Watchmaker coming to consoles

The Watchmaker On Time This October

Coming to the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, The Watchmaker from The Micropsia Games will be out in October to test your problem-solving skills.

Mixing up both platform and adventure, the game will feature an array of puzzles scattered around five worlds that has your character, Alexander, battling giant bosses and using powers that manipulate time.

A play on time, The Watchmaker will also delve into Alex’s past as he uses his engineering skills, equipped with a magnetic glove that offers telekinesis abilities. If only these could be bought off the shelf, the fun I’d have…

The Watchmaker - Got time
Got the time? Source: PR

Here’s the twist: time is also your enemy. In the game, Alex will have to collect hourglasses rather than a tub of Olay for reversing the ageing process. Should he exceed the age of 90, he will die. Jinkies!

But it sort of pays off as he can reverse time by rewinding the action so that he gets another chance.

If you have the time, here’s the trailer for The Watchmaker:

The Watchmaker will be out for the Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by the 8th October. 

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