The Unexpected Quest Gets 25% Discount On Switch

An unexpected 25% discount for The Unexpected Quest for the Nintendo Switch. Grab yourself a bargain on the eShop...

The Unexpected Quest has just been granted a 25% discount on the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to buy extra games, cake or mithril.

From Rionix Studio and OverGamez (Despotism 3K), this adventure/strategy title is set in a medieval fantasy world, inspired by classic titles such as Warcraft 3 and The Settlers.

The Unexpected Quest - It's a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic. Source: PR

Key features in The Unexpected Quest include the following:

  • Explore – travel through quiet villages and snow-capped mountaintops, encountering a number of strange creatures.
  • Gather resources – if it ain’t bolted down…
  • Build – build bridges, mills, forges and equipment with customisation options.
  • Go questing – help everyone, but also reap the rewards.
  • Fight – You have my axe…
  • Cast Spells – When you run out of resources, call upon your magic items.

Here’s The Unexpected Quest trailer from last year:

This 25% discount is for a limited time only, but you have until the 23rd July. Here’s a link to the Nintendo eShops:

UK store

US store