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The Tideshell Keeper The Tide Is Out In 2022

A new point and click adventure is in development: THE TIDESHELL KEEPER, coming in 2022 to PC and Mac.

The Tideshell Keeper coming in 2022
Source: Steam

Coming in 2022(!) is The Tideshell Keeper – a point and click adventure for the PC and Mac.

Talk about wishing our lives away as this is a news piece on a game not out next year, but 2022. Why the hell am I writing about it then? It’s a point and click adventure!

A self-titled game somewhat as The Tideshell Keeper is a game by the Danish developers Tideshell Studio, you could say they’re putting all their eggs(shells) into one basket. No?

Moving on.

The Tideshell Keeper - Sub
Sub now. As in submarine. Source: Steam

This point and click adventure follows the humourous lead of titles beforehand. There’s no indication at this stage, but no doubt the LucasArts games played a part.

The USP for The Tideshell Keeper is the tideshell in the title: it can apparently help you learn a new language and manipulate water.

Playing as Noon, she takes her submarine to go fishing, but inadvertently gets trapped underneath a drifting city. 

Hearing a story from her grandma, it’s foretold that tidal waves and destruction are imminent, so Noon looks for the only way to prevent the carnage by retrieving the tideshell.

The core features in The Tideshell Keeper include:

  • Fully voiced dialogues by talented voice actors.
  • Language puzzles inspired by how you would learn a language in real life.
  • 3D water set in 2D hand painted backgrounds for optimal viewing pleasure.
  • An original soundtrack inspired by cultures from all over the world.
  • Hand drawn frame by frame animation.
  • Mysterious locations and an important story to explore.

Bearing in mind this isn’t out for a couple of years, the art style is already distinctive:

2022 is a bit of a wait, but get yourself organised and add the game to your Steam wishlist. It’ll be coming to both the PC and the Mac.

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