The Takeover Exploding Onto The PS4 With Classic Fisticuffs

The Takeover gets PlayStation 4 treatment, as you venture out across seven stages of pure '90s nostalgia, choosing one of four players in solo or co-op mode.

Time for The Takeover, a fisticuffs kind in this ’90s inspired side-scrolling beat ’em up, available now on the PlayStation 4.

From Dangen Entertainment, this old school fighter takes its inspiration from the likes of Streets of Rage and Final Fight, and a title I’ve had my eye on for a while now.

The Takeover - Meet and greet
Meet and Greet. Source: PR

Take to the streets by yourself or in co-op; there are three modes on offer: Arcade, Survival and Challenge, with seven stages, four playable characters and some bonus modes that include high-speed driving and flight modes. You want more!?!

The Takeover is packed full of everything you could want in a title of its kind. Combo chains exist, as well as a super meter that builds up to an ultimate attack. Forget about Netflix and chilling, time to start… I can’t think of anything witty.

Key features include:

  • Four playable characters – swappable in real-time.
  • Three main modes.
  • Seven stages over 20 unique locations.
  • Comic book style cutscenes.
  • A soundtrack featuring Yuzo Koshiro (you must know their work).

Here’s The Takeover in action:

Out now on PS4, if there’s a chance, I’ll review this as soon as possible.