The Survios VR Power Pack Launches Into The EU

Coming to a PSVR near you THE SURVIOS VR POWER PACK, out this September in the EU.

The Survios VR Power Pack bundle has been announced for the PSVR from developers Survios and Perp Games.

Everyone likes old(ish) news, right? I’ve been juggling with a bout of carpal tunnel or similar these past couple of weeks, so my productivity has been a little weak, but I’ve still been following the press train and have some news to share.

Survios Inc., behind the excellent Creed: Rise to Glory and an eventual review I’ll write here for Battlewake, have joined forces with Perp Games to release The Survios VR Power Pack.

The Survios VR Power Pack - Sprint Vector
Run, you fools. Source: PR

The release will feature award-winning Raw Data and Sprint Vector for the first time on the PSVR in EU territories.

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Earning a VR Awards’ 2017 Game of the Year accolade, Raw Data is a combat game mixing up pump-action shotguns and katanas, set in the futuristic Neo-Shinjuku 2271. 

Identified as a Syndik8 operative, you infiltrate Eden Tower to steal raw data either as a solo player, co-op, or PvP multiplayer.

Sprint Vector is an ‘adrenaline-fueled VR racer’ in an extreme sports competition, as part of a game show. There are 12 tracks to master with an apt number of hazards and shortcuts for the player to find. Again, this is a solo experience or can be played online against the world.

From lively cinematics to high-intensity action and adrenaline-pumping gameplay featured in The Survios VR Power Pack, ‘Raw Data’ and ‘Sprint Vector’ are games that showcase the best of what only VR can do.

 Hunter Kitagawa, Marketing Director at Survios

Here’s a trailer for The Survios VR Power Pack:

You can pick up The Survios VR Power Pack on 11th September 2020, in EU territories.

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