The Protagonist EX-1 Let Loose An No Longer In Early Access

Angel finds herself separated from her crew with no memories on an alien ship. Help her fight her way through in The Protagonist EX-1 on Steam.
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Out of Early Access, The Protagonist EX-1 is a sci-fi RPG from 3Mind Games which tells a tale about survival behind enemy lines when those lines are an extraterrestrial prison…

As Angel, you lead a team set to infiltrate an alien ship of synthetics that aim to invade your home, planet Terra. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go to plan, and she wakes up in the infirmary, alone and without any recollection of what happened.

The Protagonist EX-1 - Tiles
We’ve come to do your tiles. Source: Steam

The Protagonist EX-1 combines a turn-based strategy fused with a deep sci-fi story that can be personalised based on your playing style. Customise your party, choosing the best close-combat abilities for them in martial arts-focused combat.

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Key features include:

  • Become the Protagonist – immerse yourself in this extraterrestrial tale of intrigue and adventure
  • Solve puzzles, find clues and fight your way through anyone who dares stand between you and your missions as you explore the space station
  • Get creative with combat using the Martial Arts Combat System (M.A.C.S) and the Initiative and Action Points System, you can customise your character’s close-combat abilities and unlock awesome combos.
  • Featuring a dynamic dialogue system where you make decisions and face the consequences
  • Get to know more than 7 playable characters, fight over 10 types of enemies; battle with 19+ weapon types; and much more!

Here’s a trailer, featuring voice talent from Temuera Morrison (Once Were Warriors and Jango Fett) and Tony Todd (Candyman and The Rock):

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The Protagonist EX-1 is available on Steam now, so go purchase/wishlist/research it now.

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)