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The Plague Doctor of Wippra Demo Available On Steam

Explore medieval Germany fighting disease, but also ignorance in the playable demo of The Plague Doctor of Wippra. On Steam now.

The Plague Doctor of Wippra
Source: Steam

Here’s a quickie (that’s what [pronoun] said]: a playable demo for The Plague Doctor of Wippra is available now on Steam. Why should it matter? It’s a point and click, silly!

From Electrocosmos and Application Systems Heidelberg, who have a knack for great adventure games (The LongingGrowbot, and Unforeseen Incidents), a plague has spread in the small town of Wippra, and you’re the doctor to fix it.

Set in medieval Germany, The Plague Doctor of Wippra follows Oswald Keller as they not only tackle the ailments of their patients – finding a way to cure them with the available resources but battling the misbeliefs and ignorance of the people. 

Y’know, we often look to the past to make social commentaries on the present…

Key features include:

  • A moody medieval setting with believable characters
  • Thick atmosphere and great storytelling
  • Gorgeous painterly low-res pixel art
  • Puzzles with actual historical and medical context
  • Dialogues which matters
  • The feeling of a retro adventure with streamlined controls
  • Contains no bad jokes
The Plague Doctor of Wippra - Chill area
Chill area. Source: Steam

The Plague Doctor of Wippra demo is available now, which I’ll also be downloading and writing about when I get a moment. Details are on the Steam link below.

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