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The Outer Worlds Postponed But Gets Cartridge In Physical Release

Not that anyone was genuinely expecting The Outer Worlds to come out on the Nintendo Switch as originally planned, but the delay is a bit of an unusual one and related to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

The team behind the specific port, the Virtuous team, have been closed due to issue and as a result, have had to put back the release a little longer.

In an official statement on Obsidian Entertainment’s website:

At this time, we will need to delay the Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds. The offices of the Virtuos team have been closed due to the coronavirus, impacting the development. We do want to say that the team is healthy, but to allow them more time to finish development, we need to postpone the release date. We do not have a new release date at this time, but we will share that with you once we know more.

Also, we are happy to announce that a cartridge will now be included with the boxed version when the game does release, so those of you wishing to own a physical copy of the game will now be able to do so. Thank you all for reading, and we will continue to keep you all up to date with news as we learn more.

As can be seen in the above statement, unlike earlier reports, The Outer Worlds will now be launched on a cartridge rather than a digital code as originally announced. This makes the game appealing once more that a physical release actually has a tangible component i.e. a game cartridge.

The Outer Worlds coming to the Switch

The original launch date for The Outer Worlds on the Switch was March, but expect an announcement in due course once everything is back on track.

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