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The Outer Worlds Coming To The Switch In Digital Form

The Outer Worlds coming to the Switch

Here’s an interesting one: The Outer Worlds is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. As a title I haven’t got around to playing just yet, do I hold out for the portable version or do I make do with the PS4?

Just recently I bought the Witcher 3 for the Switch. After some thought whether I should have stuck with the PS4 version that I already have, I felt that the ease of picking the title at any time I would like would be ideal. While this was the right decision, I can see the differences in the visuals and it’s quite erratic. Though I don’t regret my decision, it does make me second guess what triple-A titles to have on which platform. The Outer Worlds being one of them.

There has been a lot of high praise for the game, and I recall seeing the early trailers and thinking that this would be a must-have. Once I had the time to commit to it. If CD Projekt Red can fit the Witcher 3 onto the Switch, then I’m sure Obsidian Entertainment can do the same for The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds - Rings
Ah.. memories of the Sega Saturn… Source: Press

However, it appears that even if you buy a physical copy of the game, inside the box is a download code, no cartridge, according to an article by Game Informer. A no-brainer for me then, but having seen the game winking at me on the shelves of the local game store, there’s still the pull of the PS4 version.

The Outer Worlds isn’t out on release until the 6th March 2020, and with my current schedule of games, I don’t anticipate buying before then, so will give the Switch version a chance. If they manage to pull it off, it gives me much hope for the BioShock Collection.

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