The Outcast Lovers Asks You A Question

Out today is free to play THE OUTCAST LOVERS, the follow up to The Night Fisherman.

The Outcast Lovers is out today, the second in The Sacrifices Series from Far Few Giants.

Time waits for no one, but when you’re looking at the clock for the latest instalment from Far Few Giants, it’s pleasing to see that it’s out today.

You may recall my quick turnaround with their first in the series, The Night Fisherman. It’s not because I’m an über gamer, but they’re bitesize stories that span around 10-15 minutes of gameplay, but the themes they raise resonate for longer.

The Outcast Lovers - Mary
Mary. Source: Steam

They also big up your talking game when your input into conversation talks of immigration, rather than the hat-trick you put past Barcelona in FIFA 20 last night.

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The next storyThe Outcast Lovers, follows on from a familiar location; an island in the English channel. Playing as Ola and Mary, they find an immigrant in distress, knowing his future is in jeopardy facing prison or worse.

As with The Night Fisherman, you have a choice in The Outcast Lovers.

This series is an experiment in challenging the publishing model for indie narrative games. By developing and releasing very quickly, we’re able to react to a shifting landscape, to comment on what’s in the news, and not obfuscate our voices through a multi-year dev cycle.

de Fault of Far Few Giants

Now, you have a choice to watch the teaser trailer below (do it):

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As before, the game is entirely free, or should you wish to donate to Far Few Giants efforts, you can do so on