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The Medium Has A Concept Set To The Maximum

Play the medium Marianne as she traverses the real world, spirit world, then simultaneously. Out this month.

The Medium out this month
Source: Steam

I almost used the same images for The Medium as per the last time I wrote about it, but you have to admit, these screenshots are as captivating as the concept.

What, you mean you thought it was a TV show starring one of the Arquettes? Nope. Bloober Team, the talent that brought Blair Witch and Layers of Fear together, let alone more, have released a 14-minute The Medium gameplay video.

One of the many achievements of this game is the dual-reality puzzle-solving as you play Marianne, the medium of the title, who can traverse two realities simultaneously, depicted in a split-screen mode. There isn’t anything like this and why it was a nominee for the most wanted game of 2020.

The Medium - Split
I’m split. Source: Steam

It’s the power of three here as a third of the game is the real world, another third in the spirit world and a third played simultaneously. At her disposal are psychic powers such as the Spirit Shield and the Spirit Bomb, but enough of this, let’s see it in action.

Sometimes we get these teasers then later advised that the game is out in a year. Fortunately, it’s this month – January the 28th, and you’ll be able to pick up The Medium either on PC through the Epic Games Store or via Steam, as well as the Xbox Series X.

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