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The Lightbringer Coming Soon
Source: Steam


The Lightbringer Tarred, Not Feathered

Coming soon to Steam and the Nintendo Switch, The Lightbringer is a bite-sized puzzle adventure, puring the land of ‘the corruption’.

Oooh – The Lightbringer looks like a good old jolly! Coming to both the Nintendo Switch and PC, this fully voiced adventure looks gorgeous. Check out the trailer further down the page.

From Rock Square Thunder and Zordix Publishing (PonpuDustoff Z), this bite-sized adventure is chock full of collectables and character that make this one a title to watch. Add it to your wishlist, though you’re welcome to watch the trailer repeatedly.

The Lightbringer - Firey
Firey. Source: Steam

As the Lightbringer of the title, you have to cleanse the corrupted monoliths in each level using Light Motes, armed with a boomerang. Logic would assume its purpose is solely a weapon; it can help on your puzzle adventure.

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Like Princess Mononoke (I recently watched it again, hence the reference), the land was once vibrant and pure. Still, a tar known as ‘the corruption’ pollutes the land and these ancient monoliths, sapping away their power.

Your older sister was the Lightbringer before you, but she succumbed to the corruption, proving that the tar affects people too. Your job is to clean up, but with a boomerang rather than a mop.

Here’s The Lightbringer trailer – fresh!

No release date as yet, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist for notifications or rely on yours truly for future updates.

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