The Last Kids On Earth Hit The Deck! in Early Access

No parents, no homework, no rules, but lots of zombies. The Last Kids On Earth: Hit The Deck! has to compromise somewhere, right?

The Last Kids On Earth: Hit The Deck! already used the wordplay I was going for in the title, so let’s keep this simple and say that the deck-building game is now available in Steam Early Access.

Another deck-builder? Yes, please. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan of these games despite hating all sorts of card mini-games in practically every game. What’s so special about SMART Technologies’ title?

First, it’s the end of the world – a post-apocalyptic environment with no parents, no homework, and no rules. That might sound good for you kids, but as a grown-up, I’m a little dubious about his prospect. Wait: there are zombies in it, too!

With over 60 unique cards per character, there are well over 50 pieces of gear in The Last Kids On Earth: Hit The Deck!, including sulfuric stink bombs. I’m in.

Check out the trailer below:

The Last Kids On Earth: Hit The Deck! is out now on Steam Early Access, deets below.

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